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Numb activities

apparently what I do now is nothing. 

but pin things to pinterest. and numbly look at pinterest. why are some pins repeated? that’s dumb.

Posted by: seekingacademia | December 13, 2011

Bad Music

Perhaps when I call you about my parent’s retirement account to notify you of their death, the song on the hold music should not be the following:

“You ain’t nothing but a reindeer” to the tune of “You ain’t nothing but a hounddog”

not for me, but for the benefit of the entire population.

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I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t know how to move forward. And yet, there is so much to do. 

A parent passed away.

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My Mother’s Shoes

I am shopping for a pair of shoes before I leave for fieldwork this summer. Last summer, I lucked out and found a pair of comfy shoes that I wore out throughout the summer. They were ugly though. They were brown, and I mostly wear black things.

My plan for summers in the fields require lots of moving about and not wanting to carry a lot of crap with me. Last summer I was determined to go only with a small pilot case. I had three pairs of shoes. Black closed walking, brown sandals, and flip flops for shower. I brought less than two weeks of clothes and washed things often and brought things that matched well. I also bought things there, bc I love shopping in outdoor markets.

And now I am back to getting ready again. And I need shoes. I have scoured the interwebs. This is what I am looking for in a pair of shoes:

1) less than 20 dollars. The less I pay the more I would be happy

2) comfortable, padded footbed

3) flat, no heal at all

4) black

Is that so hard to find? Apparently yes. Especially since I do not want to wear shoes that close via velcro and look like grandma shoes. Look, some velcro is fine, I mean last year’s sandals closed via velcro, but it was thin straps and were not all velcro and yah, they did not look like grandma shoes.

And as I was looking online again tonight, thinking I might find a deal what with Memorial day, I remembered my mom’s summer shoes. For more summers than I can remember, my mom always bought a similar pair of shoes with her to home country. We would always go to Kmart to shop for the summer trip, basically shorts, a bathing suit, and sandals. Before I knew that shopping at Kmart was uncool, I thought it was so fun. All the clothes, and really, its the only place we shopped as kids, so it was the only clothes shopping time! Though I went through a phase of embarrassed of Kmart, I love it now, having come to terms with liking it in college. Anyway, so yah, she would buy the shoes at Kmart. Comfy, squishy padded footbed, leather straps (yah Kmart sold real leather), straps (ie not slip ons but won’t fall off) and in white and other colors. When we were in homecountry, I would anger my mom by wearing her shoes around the house. They were so comfy! And I could pretend do be grown up too.

So those are my dream shoes. Comfy, flat sandals with a strap that I can wear everyday for like 16 hours that are black. I am going to be in very urban environments and very rural desert type places. So I need sandals that will last, be comfy and strong enough to go over hills and rocks, and still look classy in the city.

I am not an old lady who needs orthopedic shoes, nor do I want trendy cage shoes with like 4 inches of heel. Is there nothing in between ages 20 and 60? Can I buy my mother’s shoes from 1980?

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Of Schisms, Reality TV, and Procrastination

So yah, since I should be working, but the day gets started too late thanks to random sibling drama and parental health, I have to run to campus to turn in a form. Where I run into Prof. in my department who happens to attend my church. He mentions I am lectoring this weekend, which I did not know about. I asked him about the last mass, where we heard a rather “interesting” homily. Basically, I feel like our priest is trying to make us more “appealing” to non-Catholic or I don’t agree with the Church Catholics, and his manner of doing so, is pseduo-evangelical. And yah, I’m Catholic, not evangelical, so I would like a liturgically correct mass, is that too much to ask? Anyway, in this interesting homily, the priest painted the Church in one way, through statements saying, for example, the Church has stood idly by while the world kicked and killed puppies. So basically the Church kicks and kills puppies. When the actual truth is, the Church is VERY anti-puppy killing and kicking. In fact, the Pope just gave a homily against puppy-killing and the bishops have published statements against the practice, and even contact those in charge of puppy-killing, explaining how bad it is, etc. And then he brought up the ordination of women. My opinion: it is theologically complex. If you tell me, well we have a shortage of priests, then let’s do it, that is a practical argument that a government might make. The Church makes decisions based on 2000 years of Tradition, revelation, etc. Not a survey. I don’t care if people who are not Catholic support it. So anyway, said homily was, well odd. So Prof. was complaining about the length of mass. In his altar boy days, it was 50 minutes, max. We shouldn’t sing the whole last hymn, I mean come on! Well, I said, perhaps we don’t need 15 minutes of announcements everyday, so we can you know, sing the whole hymn and not go “over”. I asked what he thought of the interesting homily. He said, remind me… I did a bit and explained that my problem with it was the inaccuracies and mis-characterizations. He went off on women priests, why can’t we, what do genitals have to do with anything. I said, well I think it should be a theological discussion not a secular one. He was like, well just b/c we’ve never done it before doesn’t mean we shouldn’t, I mean we heat the church with oil heat now, but they didn’t do that in the early church. I said yah, well that is something to do with practice, not doctrine. Why, just b/c someone says it is. It’s all practice. Anyway, yah, Somehow I got myself into this not good discussion. Yet in the heat of it, I am like, if I just clarify, then he’ll see. Right, it’s not that easy. At one point he said that he wishes we would just have a schism. I was a little shocked, and playfully said, no come on Prof. we need unity! We should just join the Anglicans, he says, and I said well some of them are unifying. I don’t know, I think unity is great and heck, shouldn’t that be a good thing? Maybe I am just naive, I have never heard someone say they want a schism.

So I came home and did some menial tasks while having some reality Tv on in the background. First Amazing Race. The reason I like reality tv, I think, is that I like to watch and think about what the best strategy would be, and also, criticize bad strategy. What always gets me about the amazing race, is when they run with those giant backpacks. Dude, I would bring 2 outfits. One for warm, one for cold. And the last two legs, I would totally throw out everything. No one ever does, I don’t get it! Except the globetrotters this time, who checked their bag b/c didn’t need it on the last leg. And they can always go get it later. And it makes me sad when a team I like gets a bad taxi driver! What I don’t get, especially at the point when you are in the US, why you don’t at the first roadblock get a new taxi, call one to come get you, while your partner is doing something.

All this to say, well, when it gets 9pm, I feel like I shouldn’t start anything new. So instead I watch TV and do silly things like emails, etc, and crap, I have a TON of work to get done by Thursday, Help.

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So I watch a lot of cooking / reality shows

And one thing that drives me crazy about Masterchef Australia, which is the best version in my mind, is the floor.

I have worked in a food prep place, specifically a sandwich shop in high school. And wet floors were a no-no.

And the floor of the Masterchef Studio – Tower Corridor or something, which is a real place on Cockatoo Island, great name btw — is covered with water. Not standing water, but it is wet. Everywhere, not damp. But wet.

What is up with that?!?

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Some Random Bits

  • Had our first Creighton NFP class, it was AMAZING! seriously, there is so much about the female body that people just do not get taught. I am very excited to start using it! I know very little about science beyond high school biology. But looking at microscope pictures of the different kinds of cervical mucus? um, AWESOME!
  • Randomly found on flickr pictures someone took of FH and I while we “proposed” to each other. We did it in a public place. The guy didn’t get any of us actually talking and doing the rings, just us taking pictures of each other, which I am kind of happy about. Because those moments are still private and between us.
  • Period peices are the *best*. I recently watched first season of Downton Abbey and the entire series of From Lark Rise to Candleford. I love period pieces. And after watching a few episodes in one day, I start hearing the accents in my head. Mawr for Ma. I love it. Anyone else have any recommendations?! Also, think it’s supercool that Lydia in the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice plays Dorcas Lane in From Lark Rise to Candleford.
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Advisor/Committee Drama

You know, I must say, Annie, I respect you so much for talking about your advisor dramas because while my situation is in no way as severe, I can’t talk about it.

I oscillate between ignoring it, stressing about it. I don’t want to talk to anyone in my department about it because of how I think they will now think of me. And I bet they all know, since you know, we gossip as much as we breathe here. And yah, I am too afraid to write anything here in case anyone ever reads it. Slim to none chance, but still. I am in a precarious position, am quite befuddled on how I got there, and feel naive and silly.

Naive and silly for thinking, well I read all those blogs before I started grad school and I talked to tons of people, and plenty told me it would be hellish, but I thought, oh no, not for me. I know what I’m getting into, and it will be great! Because I love! my! project! and! research!



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Lady Business

Oh Tina Fey, that was a funny sketch you did for SNL.

Anyway, the title is b/c my OBGYN has suggested I have an optional procedure but that sounds like surgery, even though it is short, it requires general anesthetic. And I am conflicted. Will talk to FH about it when we meet for spring break, but yah, I don’t know. I am scared about doing it and not doing it, so yah.

Also, really weird experience at said doctor. While she was, ahem, examining me, she asked where we were going for our honeymoon. I told her. And then she told me the weirdest thing. So imagine I am going to a grocery store for my honeymoon. And I say, yah, we’re going to a few grocery stores in and around downtown City. And her response is: “well, you might want to be careful, I hear poor black people go to grocery stores and overrun them [referencing grocery store in perhaps not a rich area of town].” I say, yah, well actually my research is on grocery stores and poor black people, and they are not “overrunning” them, but before I can get past the word grocery store, she, still examining me, says yah, you want to watch out for that, those poor grocery stores are being flooded with problems. And I look at her, from the weird position that I and she am in. And decide to say nothing more, as well, the exam isn’t very fun, and I am always annoyed by doctors doing unpleasant things to your body while at the same time trying to engage you in fun conversation b/c heck, you aren’t fooling me. Talking about my honeymoon isn’t making this more pleasant, in fact, it works to make me more aware of the situation and NOT want to talk to you at all, yet I feel that’s rude so you know, I feel like I have to talk, when really, I’d rather just close my eyes and breathe. I’m sure those who draw blood and other doctors think this is a great tactic, and maybe it is, but I hate it.

But the point is, I still can’t get the image of my doctor down there, telling me to avoid grocery stores because of poor black people, when I spend all my free time in grocery stores.

Oh yah, and I wish there was someone who I knew who had dealt with this surgery type thing before, but I doubt I will b/c I am not asking anyone directly and hence, I will not know.

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Marriage Prep

I really like that the Catholic Church is so serious about marriage prep. I must say, I am super excited to take all the classes. Because I am a huge dork, primarily. Yet I revel in it!

Last night we were trying to figure out where to attend all the classes, here, or in Funtown. There are less options here, so it looked like Funtown for all of them, even NFP.

Thankfully though, I just found an NFP teacher here who can schedule the classes around OUR schedule, so whenever FH is already here! I am super excited to start. We’re going to do the Creighton Method. I hear it is the most precise? We shall see…

If anyone has any experience with any of them, feel free to share!

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