Posted by: seekingacademia | March 6, 2011

Lady Business

Oh Tina Fey, that was a funny sketch you did for SNL.

Anyway, the title is b/c my OBGYN has suggested I have an optional procedure but that sounds like surgery, even though it is short, it requires general anesthetic. And I am conflicted. Will talk to FH about it when we meet for spring break, but yah, I don’t know. I am scared about doing it and not doing it, so yah.

Also, really weird experience at said doctor. While she was, ahem, examining me, she asked where we were going for our honeymoon. I told her. And then she told me the weirdest thing. So imagine I am going to a grocery store for my honeymoon. And I say, yah, we’re going to a few grocery stores in and around downtown City. And her response is: “well, you might want to be careful, I hear poor black people go to grocery stores and overrun them [referencing grocery store in perhaps not a rich area of town].” I say, yah, well actually my research is on grocery stores and poor black people, and they are not “overrunning” them, but before I can get past the word grocery store, she, still examining me, says yah, you want to watch out for that, those poor grocery stores are being flooded with problems. And I look at her, from the weird position that I and she am in. And decide to say nothing more, as well, the exam isn’t very fun, and I am always annoyed by doctors doing unpleasant things to your body while at the same time trying to engage you in fun conversation b/c heck, you aren’t fooling me. Talking about my honeymoon isn’t making this more pleasant, in fact, it works to make me more aware of the situation and NOT want to talk to you at all, yet I feel that’s rude so you know, I feel like I have to talk, when really, I’d rather just close my eyes and breathe. I’m sure those who draw blood and other doctors think this is a great tactic, and maybe it is, but I hate it.

But the point is, I still can’t get the image of my doctor down there, telling me to avoid grocery stores because of poor black people, when I spend all my free time in grocery stores.

Oh yah, and I wish there was someone who I knew who had dealt with this surgery type thing before, but I doubt I will b/c I am not asking anyone directly and hence, I will not know.



  1. I agree. There should be no talking. And I hope if you decided to do it, whatever it is, you’re ok.

  2. Yeah, way creepy and wrong.

  3. thanks, ladies!

  4. My mother in law makes those kind of comments. The comments are always so awful that I find myself speechless…I think I’d be even more speechless if my OB said something like that.

    Can you get a second opinion on the surgery before making a decision?

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