Cast of Characters

The family

-Mom: my best friend in the whole world, taught me so much about love, wish I could help her more and that we lived closer to each other

-Dad: sick, needs lots of care

-Sister: sometimes oh so frustrating, other times nice, very complicated relationship

-FH: future husband. most wonderful man.



Old Characters:

– Berry: got her name because she is so cute and hugs me whenever I need it, which is always, she reminds me of a soft teddy bear

-Cheeky: super cute, has the cutest pinchable cheeks

-Bee: is older so we identify with the early 80s stuff, always makes me laugh,

-Rica: knew her through previous friend in the area before I started grad school, just became close, she is also religious and from Latin America so we connect on all that non-american stuff

The place:

– Big Private: Grad School


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