Posted by: seekingacademia | January 24, 2011

Marriage Prep

I really like that the Catholic Church is so serious about marriage prep. I must say, I am super excited to take all the classes. Because I am a huge dork, primarily. Yet I revel in it!

Last night we were trying to figure out where to attend all the classes, here, or in Funtown. There are less options here, so it looked like Funtown for all of them, even NFP.

Thankfully though, I just found an NFP teacher here who can schedule the classes around OUR schedule, so whenever FH is already here! I am super excited to start. We’re going to do the Creighton Method. I hear it is the most precise? We shall see…

If anyone has any experience with any of them, feel free to share!



  1. Just wanted to let you know that I responded to your comment about the wedding dress on my blog today…I didn’t know if you saw it! Sorry it was so late! And of course, I have much to say about NFP and methods…I personally like the extra data and security that the temperature gives you, but Creighton is more standardized if that’s what you mean by detail. Best of luck with the marriage prep! I look back with such fond memories of it (even if some of those conversations were MORE than hard)!

  2. hi alison!! thanks for the info. and yah, i was initially going to do stm but you have to have regular sleep cycles, i read, and hence, I couldn’t do that one.

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