Posted by: seekingacademia | May 10, 2011

Of Schisms, Reality TV, and Procrastination

So yah, since I should be working, but the day gets started too late thanks to random sibling drama and parental health, I have to run to campus to turn in a form. Where I run into Prof. in my department who happens to attend my church. He mentions I am lectoring this weekend, which I did not know about. I asked him about the last mass, where we heard a rather “interesting” homily. Basically, I feel like our priest is trying to make us more “appealing” to non-Catholic or I don’t agree with the Church Catholics, and his manner of doing so, is pseduo-evangelical. And yah, I’m Catholic, not evangelical, so I would like a liturgically correct mass, is that too much to ask? Anyway, in this interesting homily, the priest painted the Church in one way, through statements saying, for example, the Church has stood idly by while the world kicked and killed puppies. So basically the Church kicks and kills puppies. When the actual truth is, the Church is VERY anti-puppy killing and kicking. In fact, the Pope just gave a homily against puppy-killing and the bishops have published statements against the practice, and even contact those in charge of puppy-killing, explaining how bad it is, etc. And then he brought up the ordination of women. My opinion: it is theologically complex. If you tell me, well we have a shortage of priests, then let’s do it, that is a practical argument that a government might make. The Church makes decisions based on 2000 years of Tradition, revelation, etc. Not a survey. I don’t care if people who are not Catholic support it. So anyway, said homily was, well odd. So Prof. was complaining about the length of mass. In his altar boy days, it was 50 minutes, max. We shouldn’t sing the whole last hymn, I mean come on! Well, I said, perhaps we don’t need 15 minutes of announcements everyday, so we can you know, sing the whole hymn and not go “over”. I asked what he thought of the interesting homily. He said, remind me… I did a bit and explained that my problem with it was the inaccuracies and mis-characterizations. He went off on women priests, why can’t we, what do genitals have to do with anything. I said, well I think it should be a theological discussion not a secular one. He was like, well just b/c we’ve never done it before doesn’t mean we shouldn’t, I mean we heat the church with oil heat now, but they didn’t do that in the early church. I said yah, well that is something to do with practice, not doctrine. Why, just b/c someone says it is. It’s all practice. Anyway, yah, Somehow I got myself into this not good discussion. Yet in the heat of it, I am like, if I just clarify, then he’ll see. Right, it’s not that easy. At one point he said that he wishes we would just have a schism. I was a little shocked, and playfully said, no come on Prof. we need unity! We should just join the Anglicans, he says, and I said well some of them are unifying. I don’t know, I think unity is great and heck, shouldn’t that be a good thing? Maybe I am just naive, I have never heard someone say they want a schism.

So I came home and did some menial tasks while having some reality Tv on in the background. First Amazing Race. The reason I like reality tv, I think, is that I like to watch and think about what the best strategy would be, and also, criticize bad strategy. What always gets me about the amazing race, is when they run with those giant backpacks. Dude, I would bring 2 outfits. One for warm, one for cold. And the last two legs, I would totally throw out everything. No one ever does, I don’t get it! Except the globetrotters this time, who checked their bag b/c didn’t need it on the last leg. And they can always go get it later. And it makes me sad when a team I like gets a bad taxi driver! What I don’t get, especially at the point when you are in the US, why you don’t at the first roadblock get a new taxi, call one to come get you, while your partner is doing something.

All this to say, well, when it gets 9pm, I feel like I shouldn’t start anything new. So instead I watch TV and do silly things like emails, etc, and crap, I have a TON of work to get done by Thursday, Help.



  1. we already had a schism! We call it protestantism.

    • Thank you!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! People don’t understand Catholicism and sadly don’t often take the time to learn. Even if I don’t understand or agree with every decision that is made, I know that scripture and tradition, along with a healthy dose of the magisterium inform all dogma and doctrine. The biggest eye-opener to me was back in the 1970’s when I took a college theology course and realized for the first time, what our teachings really say. There’s a lot of beauty and a lot of wisdom in our teachings. I would never have realized it, if I hadn’t taken the class. Now – years later – I still make sure I stay current by taking online classes through Notre Dame and Boston College.

    A few healthy, open theological discussions would be nice. We just need some thoughtful people to start leading them.

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