Posted by: seekingacademia | September 25, 2010

And another thing

ok maybe two.

1) why don’t places list their prices online. What’s this call for a consultation crap. I don’t have time to call and visit 10 different places for each different thing when a) I don’t already live there and b) I have a life, thank you.

2) I am taking too many classes. I have stopped doing pilates. I need to do something active. And I need to get more motivated and do work.



  1. Most things here in the US are fixed as far as price, no negotiating. A few things require bargaining–cars, houses…and oddly, wedding dresses. They don’t tell you outright because they want to try to sell you up and the price isn’t fixed anyway. I think this is because young women tend to fall in love and then find some way to overspend when they hear the price.

    There’s this whole show on TLC called Say Yes to the Dress and it’s all about the consultants finding out what she wants to spend, finding a dress that’s not quite what she wants in her price range, then finding a dress that’s exactly what she wants but is more than she wants, and then hoping she’ll “stretch” her budget–probably by going into debt. It’s icky. I’m rambling now.

    Not sure if that isn’t why you’re not finding prices but I do know friends who got a “deal” by bundling things with vendors. So it’s like, oh, I spent way more on the reception food than I wanted but they threw in table runners, so it evens out! It’s insane.

    Anyway, congratulations on the wedding!!

  2. In my first paragraph, I mean they fall in love with a particular dress or some sort of insane idea like that they need the perfect table runners. Or whatever. That sort of thing.

  3. Anastasia, thank you! and i totally got what you meant. see, its that sort of consultant i want to spend X sort of mentality that i cringe at. we shall see…. personally, i’m more excited about NFP classes than finding a dress.

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