Posted by: seekingacademia | March 28, 2010

In Denial about Being Sick

A week or more ago, I was starting to get sick. Cold, sore throat. I denied it was occurring. LDBF and I had planned a fun weekend away with a big event to go to that I bought a new dress for. I was going, darnit! I went. I arrived there sick as a something and he took care of me, like the wonderful man he is. By the day of the big event, I was better and enjoyed it.

Then I came back and have a HUGE deadline looming over me to get revisions out by. I have less than a week. All with the need to still do readings for class and you know, go to class. Oh and TA. Right….

I cannot push this deadline b/c of hard and fast dates (ie tickets purchased) for more fieldwork this summer. Also there’s these promises I made to collaborators. And we have set the dates. I must stick by them. I did the easy stuff already. What lies ahead, major revisions. ARGH!

Also, I planned to spend some of Holy Week with LDBF. I’m a dork like that. We both are. And I love it. Hello, you have to do a Holy Thursday circuit you know! So revisions deadline is also there b/c day after I am going to LDBF place to do Holy Week (will be back for Easter with my parents).

And my predicament is this. I can no longer deny I am getting sick. LDBF has been checking up on my mucus color. Apparently, green is worst. And I kept claiming that I was no more than yellow. Well my friends I have probably just grossed out with too much information, I am beginning to see a greenish tinge. Just a tinge, mind you. And I am coughing up stuff, and you know, coughing a bit, just a bit, at night.

Nooooooooooooo. I can’t really deny much longer can I? I don’t want to take antibiotics b/c my body thinks they are the devil and shuts me down for the whole course of them. Who knows, maybe I should be more feminist and listen to my body. Yes, yes, that’s what I’m doing. Not taking antibiotics b.c my body says so. I want to sleep. But it’s Palm Sunday and I have to go to mass, and I am too tired to work or do or think about major revisions. And yet, I must. For I need to meet this deadline, and I want to go see ldbf.

Dear my body, please listen to my mind and stop being sick. And also, dear bloggy land. Know of any home remedies? I will try *ANYTHING*.

Your non-sick, rarely posting, blogger signs off.



  1. Start taking meds, liquids and get rest STAT! You’ll be better before you know it!

  2. I take zinc tablets twice a day when I’m sick. Vitamin C 1-2 time a day (Right after meals for both.) Lots and lots of water. It all cuts down how many days you are sick. If I feel crummy enough I’ll take nyquil at night too just to get over it faster.

    It’s a bit uncomfortable but a Neti pot may help with the nose thing, my dad swears by saline nasal sprays. (cheaper than neti pot). When your nose is getting dried out and sore, put neosporant on it in between bouts of blowing your nose. It’ll help it heal and hurt much less.

  3. I usually do a combination of the neti pot & Umcka. Actually, I take Umcka whenever I’m around someone who’s sick — since I started taking it, I’ve only gotten sick once (in the last 1.5 years)!

    I hope you’re feeling better soon!

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