Posted by: seekingacademia | February 1, 2010

Help, I’m not a good consumer!

Dear bloggy land,

I am in the happy problem of needing to buy someone I truly care about a Valentine’s day gift. It is a man, btw. My normal approaches are useless here. I am a good gift getter. I usually only get gifts for people when I know they will be good, not because I have to, but b/c I want to. I put lots of thought into it. Here’s my predicament. I have already two things purchased for him, but that don’t seem like Valentine’s day gifts. I bought these around Christmas time b/c they were prefect for him and I knew I could give it to him later. I feel like for Valentine’s though, it needs to be something more, love-y. But not cheesy.

Here’s what I don’t want. Any sort of stuffed anything. With a stuffed heart. Or that sings. Or is mushy. Nothing that says I love you written on it. And did I mention nothing Hallmark-y or red and white and pink items that are flooding the aisles and making me gag at every store?

My attempts so far: 1) search ebay for the word love. get lots of CDs with word love in them. 2) Search for Saint Valentine’s day. Get lots of cheesy valentine’s day stuff. 3) search for word love in our home country language. see result from search 1. 4) search for things using his real name. get bubkis.

So please, any help out there would be most appreciated. Here is my brainstorm of ideas/criteria thus far:

  • Religious and dealing with the Saint Valentine part of the day would be a huge plus
  • Don’t want something that says, in any language, I love you, on it. (No offense if you like that stuff, I just don’t. Maybe I’m not enough of a romantic).
  • did I mention religious stuff would be cool?
  • no gift certificates
  • i don’t eat chocolate so I don’t know what are the good kinds to get. dark? milk? i know the good kinds from out home country and have already given him those before, so maybe no chocolate?
  • homemade, etc, is welcome
  • no electronic or useful gifts of any kind. just because he needs a new microwave doesn’t mean i’m getting him one
  • i also don’t want to go the old, here’s a picture of us in a frame.
  • it’s our first valentine’s day. so something sweet, that conveys the sentiment, i love you, without you know, saying it. on a stuffed heart. attached to a white bear. that sings something like the beatles all you need is love or something. when you squeeze it.

Yah, I don’t know. I need help! All the websites I check have silly cheesy or practical/electronic, (but really, how practical is get your valentine an iPod, really) ideas. Or stuff for the bedroom. yah, no stuff for the bedroom. should have mentioned that. no sexy boxers, lotion, books, etc. nothing sexy. we’re going for love here for the first one, not sexy.

Right, so if you have any ideas, please send them along! I will give you full credit of course. Or if you aren’t  good at buying valentine’s day gifts either, let me know I’m not the only one. so really, this an equal participatory event!



  1. I love etsy for non-standard gifts. Last year I got my ldbf magnets with zombies eating hearts on them. I just searched for “saint valentine” and got a few rosary/holy medal based things. Etsy sellers are generally open to customising, too, so you could ask for something like a pendant to be turned into a more manly keyring or magnet.

    • thanks so much! i’m on it searching right now!

  2. I like etsy too.

    However, your comment about your usual approach is wrong, reminded me of the t-shirt with the same name on

    Although, if someone gave me an ipod full of music, I’d love it. Tickets to something are good also.

  3. omg, i love xkcd and i know that t-shirt you’re talking about!

  4. see, and ipod full of music is a good gift i think, but, it’s not the kind of gift i want to give this time around. sometime in the future maybe…

  5. a cd with a theme (husband gave one with all female singers-most I wasn’t familiar with. I love singing.) I’d be annoyed about an ipod full of music–that presumes you know a millions good songs I’d want to listen to, but a cd, that’s like 15 songs! Design the cover yourself.

    A gift card to amazon would make husband happy. A month of netflix, but you’ve already set up movies in the queue?

    Make dinner and dessert.

    We don’t do Valentines day gifts. We haven’t since the first year we got together and then he bought me flowers. But we were kids too. I don’t like the holiday, it implies if you don’t’ do something on this one day you’re a jerk, when I believe romance should be all the time. Plus roses go from $10 a doz. to $25. I always say “buy me flowers…on Feb 15.” I do buy a box of assorted chocolates, but it’s nothing expensive and it’s just because he likes them and I can’t find them any other time.

  6. hi rl, yes i totally agree about the vday thing, and the flowers especially, it’s insane! i’m ok with valentines’ day if it’s not all cheesy, and yes the whole if you don’t do something you don’t really love me thing is ridiculous. that’s why i just want to do something small but meaningful….
    ok so the CD i’ve already done, and the dinner/dessert i would love to do but won’t have a kitchen to do it in…we’re not big movie ppl, so no netflix, but yah, maybe i should get some chocolates too? agh, i don’t know! i think i have found something on etsy though….i asked the seller if she could do it in homecountry language and she can, so i’m gonna go with that i think. only think is it’s not directly tied to “love”, ie it’s no 1st corinthians quote, ;), but the intention behind it is there….

  7. If he likes chocolates, I’d throw that in too. Husband likes chocolate (so does his dad actually, his dad is CRAZY about chocolate) so I get them because I know it’ll make him happy. If you could do a mix of dark and milk, that’s good.

    It’s cute you’re so concerned!! 🙂

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