Posted by: seekingacademia | December 10, 2009

Sort of sucky realization

I bought a new dress online, was totally on sale, and very cute, winter appropriate, perfect for a holiday concert I’m attending with someone, and today it arrives.

I try it on, and it’s too tight. In fact, I have gained so much weight this term, except it’s all in one location, my stomach. And I have never had this happen to me, so this is new. I was always the skinny gangly girl trying to *gain* weight.

Umm, it looks like I have a baby bump. 5 months minimum. Wow. I think it’s time for pilates… and now to find a new outfit for next week…. Thank goodness I’m not famous or some tabloid would take my picture and everyone would be convinced I was pregnant.



  1. I hear ya! I’ve been slacking a lot lately. I so need to get back on the program.

  2. I went to the doctor the other day and learned I’m at my highest weight ever.

    I’ve always thought it was a bit cheeky how they declare a celeb is pregnant when she has the tiniest little bump. I look like that after I drink a coke!

  3. I wonder if you got one of those tummy tuck devises if the dress would fit.

    I noticed, around 30, it became harder to keep the weight off my belly. Every where else seems fine but the belly discusses me.

    Good luck.

  4. shoot i know! a dinner makes me unable to button the jeans. thanks for your support ladies! SS, i definitely have to restart pilates. and Jennie, i think you may be right re: the age thing. EGF: if you want we can pilates from afar together. i was at a friends with a scale (i don’t own one) and i have at least 8 to get off. how did gain 8 in two months?! insanity!!

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