Posted by: seekingacademia | November 17, 2009

A quick update

JustMe is in a long distance relationship with a lovely man.*

Is that why I’m so tired?







*Haven’t wanted to write anything on this for various reasons/fears, but let’s not get into the paranoia. let’s be happy! and also, not tired, please?



  1. Yay you! (that would be the relationship part not the tired part)

    • thanks!!

  2. Yay for the new relationship!!!!

    • thank you!!

  3. \o/ Yay to the lovely man! (And boo to the tiredness factor. Although, I’m not even in any kind of relationship and I’m exhausted. I think it’s grad school doing that to you.)

    Given that if I was to start a relationship right now it would be either with a guy living in France (to where I might move back around next Fall… or not) or with a guy living here (a place I’m definitely leaving as soon as I have my degree)… I need input about long distance relationships!

    (Although I don’t think I’m about to start a relationship.)

    • ooh, options!! we should talk in detail about this i think! of course i have about a couple months experience here, you may want to go with someone a little bit more seasoned…

  4. Yay! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  5. Wonderful!

  6. thanks cbn and egf!!
    friday he is back in town, and it will be lovely yet again 🙂

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