Posted by: seekingacademia | July 8, 2009

On something totally un-boy related

So I’m doing pilates now. And this is totally random, but hey, it’s my lame blog and I’ll be lame and random if I want to!

So certain starting positions are sitting with your legs crossed on the floor. When I was in elementary school and kindergarten I remember especially, sitting this way was called sitting Indian Style. Clearly problematic, no? But they made us make construction paper feather headdresses and taught us lies about Thanksgiving, so clearly not the worst thing. Still, I have not used that name for that particular sitting position for some time, once I learned more. Well my pilates instructor said to start off by sitting down “crisscross applesauce”. And I mean, I got what she meant b/c she sat down that way too. I told her I’d never heard it being called that, and she said yah, that’s what people say now b/c Indian style isn’t politically correct. (Aside: I hate the term politically correct. It’s always struck me as just appeasement, not wanting to get “in trouble”, and as not really getting why it’s inappropriate to say etc etc.) Anyway, I asked if that’s what they taught kids nowadays. She didn’t know.

So I wonder, is that what they’re saying in schools now for when kids need to sit cross-legged? What do you call it?



  1. Yes, this is absolutely what they are teaching kids in school now, at least in my experience. At church, at preschool, at vbs, my kid is criss crossing her applesauce. I think it’s kind of random and funny but I do find Indian Style offensive, so I definitely prefer it.

    I grew up with Indian Style but would probably have called it plain old cross-legged…until I spawned a child who corrects me. It isn’t cross legged, Mommy. It’s called criss cross applesauce.

  2. Cris Cross Applesauce is way more fun to say than Indian style or cross legged.

    Though I would say cross legged.

  3. I think yoga has an actual name for that pose, I’ll find out tonight. Did you’all every do the Indian run? I did until college when one of my rugby coaches said, “my people don’t run like that.” We then called it the daisy chain run. I always wonder where these names come from.

  4. LOL! I just started a pilates class & the instructor referred to it as our neutral position – of course, I had no idea what she was talking about!

  5. I’m glad schools and such have moved on to CrissCross Applesauce, much better. And Jennie, Indian Run? That sounds worse than sitting “indian style”! So that’s the neutral position, cbm? Why does each thing have it’s own name? In yoga the resting one was called “child’s pose” and the same thing in pilates is the shell stretch. How do they expect me to keep all these straight!?

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