Posted by: seekingacademia | July 4, 2009

My heart in graph form

Picture 3

I’ll write more about the new guy I have been talking to. Christian guy. I guess I’ll continue my smart naming and call him Chris. Yes, I took the time to make a graph. What else do you do after you receive an email that makes you sad? In a nutshell: We have talked a bunch on the phone. He lives an hour away. We set up our first meeting/date for next weekend. On the phone last night, he told me his mom is sick. She has the exact same health issue that I have. Hers is much worse, ie can bearly leave the house. Mine is fairly mild. He asked questions, I answered them. He seemed fine with everything when he realized that I was not as sick as his mom. This morning he emails that he has to think about things b/c what if I get worse, like his mom. For the love of crap, if a person has a sister who has not been able to have kids (the Boy) or a person whose mom has the same thing (Chris) can’t understand, what hope is there for anyone to be empathtic, understanding, etc.??? I just want to give up sometimes.



  1. Maybe it’s harder for people who have a better idea of what it involves. It makes them less likely to willingly embrace the issue. My ex has been great with respect to my own health issue, and it has nothing to do with why we broke up, but he told me that he probably wouldn’t date a woman if he knew she had a similar issue because going through it once was, basically, enough.

    Maybe if the issue only arises when the guy is really into you he’s capable of facing it but if he’s warned beforehand it seems easier to disengage. But then I guess that, like me, you’d rather be upfront about it and have a relationship based on mutual trust rather than on knowingly hiding things from each other at the start…

    Shit, that sucks.

  2. These boys all sound immature. I say give up on looking and wait for one to fall into your lap!! Although Krazy Kitty has a good point. By the way, how are the parents liking their new home.

  3. KK, I know you know how I feel. It’s hard knowing what to do. It came up and I’m not about to lie, you know? I’m waiting to hear from him still as I replied to him and he replied to me about talking once he got back from vacation. Yah….we’ll see.
    And Jennie, I love you! Yah, see I tried the whole give up and wait thing for a few years. I found that not so many men fall through the ceiling when you live with your parents and spend all your time in a windowless office in grad school. And the parents are doing well, as well as can be hoped for. I keep hoping for more improvement though. I hesitate to write about it too much on the blog b/c of findability. Anyway, thanks ladies for your comments. I will keep you all posted…

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