Posted by: seekingacademia | April 23, 2009

Dear People Who Have Moved

Hi, So, the move is happening. I have never done a multi-person move, and never with movers, always u-haul. I have heard many horror stories. So, I ask you all out there in bloglandia who have done long, ideally west to east coast type moves, what moving companies have you used? have they sucked? b/c i will want to avoid those…

in other news, the semester is ending and i have a million things to do.



  1. My best advice is to get all quotes in writing because I’ve been screwed on that end before. Also if you are going to have the movers pack your belonging still make sure you pack all your really precious, breakables-like the sea urchin shell you found while snorkeling in Hawaii.

  2. I used this webpage and looked for companies in the place you are leaving. It was very helpful and we had a great moving company.

  3. We used Mayflower movers and had an okay experience. The thing is, they subcontract out to local moving companies on either end of the move, and the whole timing of the move is coordinated by the truck driver, who is a Mayflower employee. So make sure you look into the reputation of the local moving companies on BOTH ends.

    We contacted and had great experience with the origin moving company, but neglected to ask about the destination local moving company, and they were terrible. They dropped our furniture, taking chunks out of a few pieces. Be aware of your deductible, also- because even though they damaged our furniture, we weren’t offered any compensation since the item wasn’t worth more than 500 dollars (the deductible). Shitty.

    Also, be aware that for long-distance moves, they often can’t give you ANY precise dates (either on the pickup end OR dropoff end), which for us, lead to A LOT of extra stress. If you can find a company that will give you exact dates, that would be much much better.

  4. Sorry! Just u-haul and my family’s cars.

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