Posted by: seekingacademia | March 26, 2009

Oh right, that whole grad school thing

I have been grading up a storm of papers and multiple choice exams. Oh multiple choice, how I love thee. To grade while watching Survivor and Chuck, now that is the life.

What else have I been doing? Yah, nothing much. Getting over this whole sick thing that has been going around. Spending time on Facebook. Sometimes twitter. Oh, did I mention grading?

Also, have password protected some of my old posts in reference to the Boy. That stuff doesn’t need to be up there. What if some random undergrad googles, best TA ever, and grading, and Survivor, and finds out that this blog is me and the reason I am behind on my grading, or gave him a a D is because the Boy broke my heart. That would not be good.

Freaking boys. Always ruining things. A friend was suggesting that I hand out a price list with the syllabus at the beginning of the semester. You know, so they know how much each grade costs. Could really supplement my income. Plus make grading much easier. Yah right.

So yah, I felt I had to write this post to remind you all, and heck, me too, that I am in grad school. This was getting to be breakup central. That’s not fun. There is, or rather there should be, more to my life than boys and colds.

And the next post will be about boys. Don’t want people getting the wrong idea here. I am not that boy crazy. Just following friends’ advice to move on. And I’m trying…. Right, should get back to grading and TV, not blogging.



  1. Are you feeling better? I love grading multiple choice too, I actually feel like something is getting done. I love the price list. Students last semester asked me how much for an A and I told them they couldn’t afford it, but F’s are for free!

    I hear you with the freaking boys part.

  2. yes, I am, thanks RL. I am just SOOO tired. It’s normal though they say…. i like that, F’s are free. will need to use that line 😉

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