Posted by: seekingacademia | February 10, 2009

Something less serious to push down the last post

Seen last at ITPF

1.) Challenger space shuttle exploded (1986):
I was in school I’m sure, but I don’t remember it. My memory of it is instead on the special episode of Punky Brewster they had dealing with it.

2.) Berlin Wall falls down (1989):
5th grade classroom, and then we read about it in the weekly reader Wait NO! that was just when we read about it. I actually don’t remember it happening b/c 1989 was such a traumatic year as a Californian, the big earthquake.

3.) Oklahoma City federal building bombing (1995):

It was spring break from school, I remember that this girl we hung out with the next day was upset b/c it interrupted Days of Our Lives.

4.) OJ Verdict (1995):

Watched it in school, I think it was history class.

5.) Princess Diana dies (1997):

Well, I was living in CA, but I don’t remember at all where I was specifically.
6.) Columbine massacre (1999):
I was on a plane with my dad to visit my future undergrad institution, we found out when we landed

7.) JFK Jr. Plane crash (1999):
Babysitting on a Saturday

8.) Bush/Gore crazy election (2000):
In home country. Went to bed the night before, and woke up to craziness. Talked about it on the bus with best friend and everyone was listening to us b/c we were so angry, and clearly she was American, and yet we were upset and arguing in home country language.

9.) September 11, (2001):
Just woke up from having my wisdom teeth pulled the day before. My mom turned on the TV to ask me what was going on. I saw the first plane hit and told her, oh nothing, it’s probably just some commercial for a new movie. And then I realized it wasn’t.

10.) Space ship Columbia disintegrates (2003):
Riding in a car back from a Mock Trial tournament with someone from Texas

11.) Hurricane Katrina hits (2005):
Writing my thesis


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