Posted by: seekingacademia | December 1, 2008

Inadiwrimo 2008

Just sent over my conference paper draft to colleague, woohooo! celebrating by listening to Abba. Oh, how i love them!

So, I thought I would report on my progress. Unlike in previous years, I have actually done stuff!!! And though I have not met all my goals, I still consider myself a sucess — shut up you super-competitive inadrwrimo types! 😉 At least I’m not a drop out!!

So, I finsihed the short paper early on. I had three other sections I planned to do. But then decided they were unecessary, so I cut out two. What remains is the But/Fem paper, which has not even been started, and whose word count I need to increase. But I will finsih that before I go home fro Christmas in December, and that’s what counts anyway.

My draft turned out to be rather shorter than imagined… I’m sure I will need to add more sections to that, or more analysis. But you know what, who cares?! I am done for today! Now to make some yummy food, decorate the tree with friend and maybe boy (if this freezing rain stops!) and some TV or movie time. ooh, and more Abba. And christmas music too!

So thank you, Dr. Brazen Hussy for hosting again this year and holding us all accountable. And yay for me for not being a drop out this time!


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