Posted by: seekingacademia | November 8, 2008

Date Update

Or rather, the date that wasn’t.

He did not show up. WTF? He was totally pursuing me and then he doesn’t show? No email…. waiting for the reason/excuse.

Who does that? What a total waste of time. Just when my friends were trying to convince me that dating is fun….



  1. What?!? What a jackass! (unless he’s lying in a ditch somewhere after being sideswiped by a bus – which may be what he deserves for standing you up)

  2. WHAT????? Well, to hell with him then. You don’ t need him. Call me, we’ll get some cocktails.

    But damn, what the hell is wrong with men? Seriously.

  3. And by the way, DO NOT let this make you think bad things about yourself. This is all him. You rock.

  4. Agreed – you are fabulous and he obviously sucks. Dating can be fun, but there is sometimes random crap like this that happens. I’m sorry though.

  5. Bogus!!!

  6. What the hell?! So all about him. Was this the maybe married guy? Blech!

  7. What the hell? What a jerk. We hate him.

  8. He had better be lying in a ditch somewhere.

  9. aww, you all rock! thank you. i know it’s not me, it’s him, it’s just so confusing, like why? i’m sure if it’s not the ditch thing, it is something totally stupid. stupid boys…

    and yes, this was the maybe divorced one.

    no onto Monday… where I’m not necessarily attracted to the guy (it’s a setup, only seen him on facebook) but he seems nice and speaks my language though is American. so i don’t know, whatever, we’ll see…

  10. oh hell no. and I second he’d better be lying in a ditch. There’s no excuse.

  11. No, he better be in the morgue with the toe tag!


  12. OMG! That is SOOO lame…

  13. he’s a loser. Maybe he also had a date with his ex wife?

  14. RL, you crack me up! you all do!! thanks everyone :o)

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