Posted by: seekingacademia | September 15, 2008

My Hellish Friday

Friday, it was both good and bad.

I had a meeting for my Independent Study at 2 pm. The bus was scheduled to come at 10 minutes to 1. It goes down my street one way, then turns around, so I watch it pass, then get together my stuff and catch it on the other corner. Ten minutes before the bus was to come — I was already dressed all cute, with at rarely happens! — I decided it would be a smart to go get the mail. I hadn’t gotten it yet from the day before and I didn’t want my mailman to think I was a lazy bum. I went out through my garage door, which locks automatically unless you unlock it. For a split second, I considered unlocking it (I usually leave it open) since there was a breeze, but figured nah, it’s just a quick walk to the mailbox.

When I got back to the door, yep, the wind/breeze had closed it. Cue rain. Shit. At that moment I remembered I hadn’t closed my upstairs windows in the room I am using to [unsuccessfully] air out the noxious mattress. I figured all I needed was a ladder. The neighbor across the street (who are wonderful fyi) had their front door open. Here’s the thing, the husband was in car accident and in braces and casts. I hoped that the wife was home. She wasn’t. I apologized profusely and then asked if he had a ladder he could point me to and I would carry it across the street (down their hill) myself. He did. One of those flip up ones. Btw, it weighed about 50 pounds. With much struggle, I carried it across the street, through my lawn (which had just been cut the day before so my pants and feet (in flip flops, of course) got nice and grassy and muddy.

I got it up to my back deck. And then I tried to flip it. Yah, didn’t work so well. I managed to get it in three pieces. At this point the bus was supposed to pass by my house. I decided to go to my next door neighbor to she if she was home and could help me flip that damned ladder. No answer. Went to the neighbor on the other side. No one.

At this time, the injured husband calls out to me from his front door to see if it worked. I told him I couldn’t flip it and he said he had a long one on the side of the house. I told him I guess I would have to get it and try it, but for him to stay inside. And he wanted to come outside, in the rain! I begged him to stay in, but he wrapped his casts in blankets and came out to show me where it was. At that moment, I saw that his next door neighbor had the back door open and the light on. I figured I could get that neighbor out to help and that would convince injured guy to go inside. I knocked real loud and said hello. I popped my head in. A) that house smelled like ass like you wouldn’t believe. B) The computer was on, lights on, it seemed the person just ran off when they heard me knock (either that or the were somewhere else).

So I went back and tried to pull the ladder out from the side of the house. It only came out a bit. Turns out a wild tree had started to grow through one of the spaces between the rungs. I went back to the other side, pulled out the tree, and kept pulling. Finally it came out. I told injured guy I could drag it across myself, and he went inside. I dragged that long ass ladder down their hill, and partially across the street. That’s when my strength gave out. I realized if there was no way I could carry the ladder, how could I lift it up? I decided there just had to be somebody home. After two more houses, I found a nice man at home. He helped me carry the ladder, ok, so he carried the ladder, onto my deck. I proceeded to slip on  my ass thanks to the flip flops in front of the deck. Then he held the ladder up to the second floor, and watch my wet muddy ass climb scarily up the ladder. What a way to meet your neighbors.

Of course the screen was screwed it. With the one piece of junk mail I had retrieved on my oh so important trip to the mailbox, I was able to, after ten minutes of fiddling in the rain on a slippery ladder wearing muddy flip flops, get the screen off. Thank you Chase pre-approved credit card offer. I got in and went downstairs and thanked him profusely.

I changed my clothes, washed off the mud, and changed again. And then, what do I see, but the bus drive by! I had hoped it would be late, but seriously doubted it. It was half and hour late, but just in time to pick me up! I grabbed my bags and met it at the corner.

I am still sore from all the ladder carrying and pulling, but now I have finally given a spare key to my neighbor. And I had a lovey sleepy Friday where I went to bed at 8:30.



  1. Giving a key to the neighbor sounds like a good idea. What an adventure!

  2. WOW. Time to start lifting weights j/k

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