Posted by: seekingacademia | August 28, 2008

The how was school post

So, Monday I had my first day of class, and today is my second. So far so good. Oh except for the cloud of impending doom I imagine over my head at all this work that I will have to do. Yes, must get back into the swing of things, like doing lots of reading. And not always the fun kind.

Monday’s class is big on social theory, so that’s good, I should familiarize myself with those big name people and what they say. It’s not the most interesting kind, ie not the kind I use, but still, good learning opportunities.

But what is up with these classes that last three hours and go until 9:30 pm?? Ok fine, the 3 hour thing I can get used to, get it all out of the way, but starting a class at 6? Which means getting ready at 5ish to head into BP? That is usually my “I feel like taking a nap time, but instead I’ll eat and watch some mindless TV for awhile before trying to do work again for the rest of the night.” It is not “Time to get ready for some intense seminaring time and get out of pajamas and into real clothes for the day.” Well, at least it hasn’t been, I guess it needs to become time…

So, classes started.

Sense of impostor-syndrome? Check

Sense of impending doom over workload? Check

Stress over work I haven’t started yet? Check

Wishing the semester and the “take classes” part of the PhD was over already? Check Check.

So here I go, off to class. Lunchbox in hand. No seriously, I bring my lunch in a dorky cooler thing. Yep, that’s me.



  1. Good luck! Don’t worry, the class portion should go by pretty quick. In my program my courseload was cut in half with each passing year (i.e, four per semester the first year, two the second, one the third). You’ll feel like you have SO much more “free” time to do research after the first year! šŸ™‚

  2. It does get better. I nearly dropped out my first semester; then I discovered that nobody else understood Insane Evolution Professor either. That was a relief.

  3. Randomly saw your post on the “grad school” tags page…I can definitely relate to your cloud of impending doom and impostor-syndrome.

    (I usually lack the foresight to bring my lunch, though)


  4. I’m teaching at that time, so I understand. Trying to be energetic when you’ve been at it since 9am and most of your students were at work all day themselves is NOT easy

  5. thanks all! Welcome MeaningfulRevisions and Caffenenerd!

    I’m glad to hear that it does get better, Dr. BH. And RL, so glad I’m not the only one who hates the evening times!

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