Posted by: seekingacademia | August 27, 2008

Kitchen Question Poll

So, I need to replace my leaky, dripping kitchen sink faucet. And the sink is white. weird I know. It needs to be replaced too at some point (it is scratched/has black marks) at the bottom, but clearly that is too expensive and not happening right now.

But the faucet has to go. the handle keeps coming off in my hand. Not good.

So here’s my question. Can I get a metal/chrome type faucet with a white sink? I think the white sink/ white faucet is fugly. But will it look even fuglier with a metal type faucet?

All opinions and advice are greatly appreciated!!



  1. Absolutely! I agree on the all-white fugly factor, too. Chrome/metal is like wearing black: it goes with everything, it can dress up or down, and it’s classier than coordinating colors.

  2. Yep. I think you can do the chrome thing, too. Look around the web (even at the sink manufacturer’s websites) and see if any of them show what you’re thinking about. Don’t spend another day with one that’s coming off in your hand!!!

    BUT….how was school??????

  3. had chrome with a white sink in our house before we sold it.

  4. I agree – that would be fine. Also want to hear about school!

  5. My parents have an off white sink with chrome fixtures and I’ve never thought twice about it. If you plan on going chrome, just start with it now

  6. Yep, absolutely–I’m with phd me: chrome is the new black. 🙂

  7. anything will go with your crappy sink. We currently have a white one and the faucet fixture is silver. White sinks were a bad idea, all the ones I’ve had get stained and scratched beyond repair. Our current faucet is too short and barely reaches the side of the sink. So I’d watch out that you have a decent faucet you can rinse dishes under. I like the ones that go real tall. I gather this mistake happened in our sink since it’s a duel side, the faucet does fine on the small short side but the side to do dishes. . .

  8. Chrome would look great – it goes with anything (except maybe brass!). My ‘rents have a porcelain cream sink with a gold/brass faucet and it looks great.

  9. so glad you all agree with me! I am one step closer to getting rid of the fugly white sink experience.

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