Posted by: seekingacademia | August 24, 2008

The Very Belated Introductory Post

So, When I first moved over to WordPress, some asked me why. Here’s the scoop…

As I am starting a new phase in my life, and I am paranoid about being discovered by the wrong person, I wanted to make that harder by not linking the two. Also, if I can get up the nerve, there is a huge part of my identity that I was afraid to discuss on the past blog, because of job stuff and being discovered, so I *may* at some point talk about that here.

So if you know everything about me from before, and now find it quite easy to figure out who I am and where, please don’t mention it on the blog. Feel free to send me emails though.

I have decided to get my PhD. Even after reading academic blogs for the past three years! My field is literally quite awesome. My new school, which I think I will call Big Private, seems great so far! I chose this place because of the people I would get to work with, the great funding, and the flexibility they offer. Plus, the school my department is located in is pretty well funded, so there are better options than say, at Big Public, where I was considering as well, where the expectation was literally offered as such: get outside funding from NSF (because we all know they just *give* those away) or go on welfare because we know our pay is that shitty. Right, I’ll get on that.

I had previous relationships with the people I’ll be working with here, so that is good. They allowed me to defer for a year after the whole Sick Father Drama, and keep my funding, so that is awesome. And my cohort of incoming students is fabulous as well. We are all women. Very interesting, I think.

So, I have spent every day of the past two weeks, in sickness and in health, at so many orientations, I consider myself fully oriented. Four to be exact. Yep. Teaching, Department, Grad School, School department falls under. And classes start Monday.

So now I move back into the student position. And it’s a bit weird, since I haven’t taken classes in years, and have spent the past few years being a pseudo-academic, researching and teaching. In fact, I am quite nervous to be taking classes again. Can I do it? What with all the taking care of the parents from here aspect? As well as the taking care of myself, a house that is too big for just one person, and add to that a structure? I have been used to creating my own structure, which may be why I have yet to submit this paper I did research for in 2006, but still.

So I am currently a student again, and trying to negotiate all my feelings about that. One minute I am excited, the next I am worried for my parents, and the next I consider that maybe I *could* spend the rest of my life just watching TV all day like I have for the past year, and who really needs a PhD anyway? But I am pushing through the doubts because I really love my field and my research.

And now I live in a “city” that really not. Around 150 k people? That is not my style. I am either rural (which is my preference) or urban, not suburban. But at the least, my neighbors are very nice people.

So for the next five years, minimum (but let’s be realistic here, it will take me longer), I am in this PhD program and a student again.



  1. Congrats on starting the new phase! Exciting – scary, too – but exciting!

    And I can relate to one point, especially: suburbia isn’t my style, either – give me the city streets or the mountain air – but I’m trying to get used to it.

  2. Good for you! I’ll look forward to hearing how you enjoy being on the ‘other side’ of the desk this year. I expect it will be a bit conflicting at times. I hope you meet some cool people in your program. : )

  3. Sounds great! Now I’m really curious about where you are, though! Good luck with your first year!

  4. Best wishes in this exciting new adventure!

  5. looking forward to reading about all your adventures.

  6. Great! Good luck! Hang in there (repeat for 5 years)!

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