Posted by: seekingacademia | August 12, 2008

Updating in Random Bullet Form

  • felt gross the last few days, hence did no work on this manuscript i was supposed to work on. today is the first day i am actually not dizzy. yay for not being dizzy!
  • I celebrated by actually doing more than watching Jane Austen films
  • Made one jar of blueberry jam with the blueberries my oh so nice new neighbor brought me
  • Made a tin of blueberry cupcakes
  • Made blueberry pancakes for lunch
  • Stained my yellow shirt with above mentioned blueberries
  • Figured out transport for going onto campus tomorrow. Yikes, first time! I promise I will eventually write about all that stuffs, soon. I hope.
  • Received my FSA paid for box of goodies from Walgreens. But must call and bitch out the peoples for sending me a two-pack of toothpaste with only one tube in it!
  • Received my OfficeMax order, yay for a desk chair with wheels!!! But did you know those things don’t come put together? Yah, you gotta do that yourself. So I did that. And proceeded to cut my finger on one of the screws, as it was still sharp on top, weird.
  • I bought a dollar’s worth of tape with my chair so I could get free shipping. Check out how that arrived. Real efficient:

  • Sure am glad they added those packets of sealed air, wouldn’t want my tape to be damaged.
  • Still waiting for my office rug to arrive. Ordered it from some department store I have never lived near. But sheesh, they had rugs, like full room size rugs, for 13.99, talk about a deal! and not solid, but cool looking ones. So for now I am sitting in a regular chair, hunched over and not able to slide in all the way, waiting to use my rolly chair. (Side note, who knew you had to buy so many rugs with hardwood floors? Well I guess people with brains, but still. Rugs sure have eaten up my budget!)
  • Did I tell you all I signed up for Credo Mobile? I hadn’t had a real cell phone in years (was getting by on a pay as you go that I would use only when I went to conferences once a year). It runs on the Sprint network, so if you are near sprint, you can use it. Except the plans are much better, the free phones are much nicer (oh you know I have never paid for a cell phone and always gotten the free ones! I was expecting a remote control size like my last one, but it’s a flip phone and has a camera and everything! Look at me move into the 21st century!) Right, Credo. And the customer service is really good. And 1% or more, depending on what you choose, goes to good charities, like Amnesty International. And they pay off your ETFs! Though I guess those are illegal now, at least in California. Anyway, just thought I’d share in case anyone out there cares/needs to know. Plus, its always nice to stick it to the man, in this case, the man being cell phone companies. And they are using the man’s tools and doing good (for the most part) with it!
  • Ok, that is enough rambling for now. Gonna go make dinner. I actually cleaned my kitchen today for the first time in days. It is so not nice to be sick and be alone. Especially since cooking is the last thing I want to do while dizzy. I was doing so well until I got sick, thinking yah, I can do this! I can start this whole new huge part of my life despite all the drama in my life. Then I get sick and can’t even go to the pharmacy for drugs and think maybe I should just quit, go live at home and watch tv and baby cousins all day…. sigh. /self-pity
  • OMG, another thing, yesterday lightening hit the street in front of my house. Who knew it ever struck so close?? And then as soon as it stopped pouring, three small baby deer walked across my backyard. Having three little Bambi’s in my backyard? So cool. I told my mom as a sort of “selling point”, like aww, look how cute, and she immediately imagined killer deer attacking me and them, so yah, that wasn’t good.
  • Seriously, going to go eat now.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! I hadn’t heard of Credo Mobile. I am in need of a new cell phone, and my two year contract needs to be renewed, so I should check that out!

  2. Killer Bambi? I’ve lived in the country most of my life and never been attacked. In fact one stupid christmas husband and his friends thought they’d try to”catch” a deer (there were three in the backyard of friend’s house). Needless to say, the deer ran away.

    Hope you feel better.

  3. You sound so happy! This was a hilarious post – in a great way! Glad you are starting to feel better. 🙂

  4. b*, glad my credo info might help you!

    RL, i am glad to know that deer are not carnivorus, i will try to pass on that info to my mother. see. she grew up with farm animals and i think is a bit afraid of “wild” animals. i will have to have her watch bambi, but only the parts when they frolic in flowers, not when they fight, have antlers, or there’s teh fire.

    hilaire, glad i could make you smile/laugh! i didn’t realize i sounded happy. i guess i am! except that whole anxiety thing about starting this…yah, not gonna think about that right now…

  5. Please share with me this website. We are in need of a rug for my husband’s office chair. He is currently ruining the floor rug under him.

    Also, I think the cool think about hardwood floors is not needing rugs. It’s much easier to just sweep up and mop messes.
    My mom’s house is way over-rugged and it looks cluttered.

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