Posted by: seekingacademia | August 5, 2008

My pediatrician

I need my immunization records for measles and mumps for the new uni. Weird I know. No one has ever asked for that before, aside from like elementary school registration. So I had to call my old pediatrician, who retired a long time ago. So strange. As well as the fact that they can still get my records!

Not nice? Being reminded I am still not married by the nurse since my last name is “still the same?” Strange I know. Dude, I will never be changing my name thank you very much.

On another health related note, upon opening all the mail that had accumulated at my apartment while I was in CA, I found a Flex Spending Acct. Debit Card. How cool is that! So I just spent shitloads at Walgreens online creating a mondo first-aid if I ever get sick kit to spend the money before I am no longer an employee.


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