Posted by: seekingacademia | July 21, 2008

This is so hard…

It has been a difficult day. I am comforting myself with some Pride and Prejudice, oh Mr. Darcy. He is such a wonderful man! Where is my Mr. Darcy? Or Colin Firth for that matter!

The main water line into our house started leaking and now all that needs to Or be replaced, break the concrete in the sidewalk to access the pipes, oh my gosh. And I am to leave tomorrow night. Thankfully a plumber is coming tomorrow and hopefully it can all be fixed, if not the concrete re-done by then.

And preparing the suitcases, oh my. I am just so sad. And my mom is too. Those who don’t know me well, or know my mom, might think me odd for missing my mom so much. But she really and truly is my best friend. We don’t have a Gilmore Girls type relationship, but a better one. It isn’t b/c we’re close in age, but I guess because I respect her so much, and love her. And she has always been so good to me. Sheesh, I better stop trying to describe it b/c I am starting to tear up already. That, and just seeing the ending of Pride and Prejudice, has made me even sadder.

Anyway, tomorrow will be hard. I shudder to think what will happen while I’m gone and while FavoriteAunt is away as well. She is in HomeCountry for one more month.

I guess I just have to keep telling myself to be strong and just prepare a nice house and get everything ready so that come December, she can be convinced that Sibling is really not going to do anything and that hard as it may be, she should come with me. I’m not being selfless here. I am being totally selfless. I mean, yes, I will be helping them out a great deal. But my mom will be helping me out a great deal as well. And most of all, I miss her and need to be near her! She’s like a best friend or sister that you’ve had all your life, that yah you fought with, and had tough times with, and that you still fight with, but that is a part of you and is very very difficult to live without.

Oh dear, geography really does suck, doesn’t it.



  1. Your sadness is an understandable response to a major transition. You are lucky to have such a good relationship with your mom. I’m thinking of you and wishing you a VERY dry and successful day with the plumber. That sounds horrendous.

  2. When I left my mom for grad school I cried all the way from the security gate until I boarded the plane. It was a very sad day. However I did have my finance waiting for me in the other state.
    Good luck with your transition.

  3. thank you very much prisca for your kind words. and you too jennie, it makes me feel better that I’m not the only crier.

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